RSNA 2021

RSNA will be holding its' Annual Meeting from November 28 to December 2, 2021 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

RSNA 2021: Realize the value of AI

Learn how to navigate the medical imaging AI market, measure the potential of clinical applications, and realize their value. This year at the RSNA annual meeting, make your way to the Blackford booth to discover how our platform can help you navigate the medical imaging AI market to identify the applications best suited to your organization, measure their potential, roll them out, and realize the value that they can deliver. Sound too good to be true? Here’s how we do it. First, our open vendor approach provides access to the widest selection of regulatory cleared medical imaging AI applications and allows any application on the market to be quickly added. Combined with our vast knowledge and experience, we help you navigate the market to discover the most relevant AI tools for your organization. Then, we use evidence to help define your AI strategy and avoid time-consuming trial-and-error attempts, while reducing the internal and external costs of AI evaluation. Our platform allows you to measure the quality and performance of medical imaging AI applications – before you deploy them into your environment. Use our platform and customizable trial frameworks to automate the assessment of AI applications using your own data, measure their performance and attest that the results are accurate. Finally, our dedicated platform helps you realize and enhance the value of medical imaging AI applications over time – delivering economies of scale to magnify the benefits. We do this by quickly and easily deploying applications, innovating the workflow integrations, orchestration and tools required, and continually measuring application performance as the AI market develops. Visit us You can find us at Booth #5146 in the South Hall in person this year! Schedule a meeting to meet the Blackford Team below now! Virtual Booth Visitors to RSNA can come and visit Blackford at our virtual booth, where they can access all kinds of useful videos and content to learn more about our platform and the value it delivers:
  • Technical value: Learn how Blackford helps healthcare organizations save time on the management, deployment, support and service of multiple imaging applications, via a single, independent platform. And how we deliver results in existing workflow, while ensuring minimal impact to existing systems and eliminating performance degradation.
  • Clinical value: Learn how Blackford gives radiologists the ability to do more with their time, without requiring them to change their tried-and-tested workflows and how we help radiology departments drive increased volume from their capital investment
  • Applications for you: Learn more about Blackford’s marketplace of vetted applications and AI that deliver genuine clinical value and efficiency benefits.